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MGNREGA Work List:- The MGNREGA Work List is an online service enabling individuals to access the comprehensive NREGA work list. This initiative offers a diverse range of job opportunities to rural employees, aiming to liberate them from low-skilled labor and enhance their ability to support their families. In this post, we will provide essential information related to the MGNREGA Works List 2024. For comprehensive details on the MGNREGA Job Card List, continue reading until the end of our post.


MGNREGA Works List 2024

The MGNREGA Works Listing by the Union Ministry of Rural Development is an online platform that allows citizens to access information about MGNREGA objectives from the comfort of their homes. The Indian government, through the NREGA program, provides employment opportunities to disadvantaged individuals residing in rural areas, aiming to enhance their financial status and maintain their standard of living. Workers enrolled in the NREGA program are assured 100 days of employment in unskilled labor roles each fiscal year. The Ministry of Rural Employment oversees the issuance of MGNREGA employment cards for economically disadvantaged rural residents across all states. The government has initiated online MGNREGA Works List payments, accessible at

NREGA Payment List

MGNREGA Works List Details in Highlights

Name of ArticleMGNREGA Works List
Launched ByBy Union Ministry of Rural Development
BeneficiariesIndian Citizens
ObjectiveTo Provide Online Facility to the Citizens to View the Agenda related to MGNREGA
BenefitsOnline Facilities
Application ModeOnline Mode

MGNREGA Works List Objectives

The primary objective is to provide the people of India with access to a comprehensive list of job opportunities offered by the MGNREGA program. This initiative enables every Indian resident to gather information about the MGNREGA agenda and payments. The utilization of this online service not only saves residents time and money but also enhances transparency within the system. The MGNREGA program functions as a beneficial tool for registered rural employees, necessitating beneficiaries to undergo registration to avail themselves of its advantages. Enrolled workers in this program can earn income to meet their daily needs without engaging in low-skilled tasks.

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MGNREGA Works List Payment Online

Presently, the administration electronically disburses payments to the registered bank accounts of MGNREGA employees. Subsequently, using the Aadhar card number or bank account number, the administration transfers funds to the workers’ banks. The MGNREGA Works Payment List for 2023 is available on the department’s primary website,, enabling employees to verify their inclusion. To review individual spending, workers are required to log in to the Payment Performance Dashboard on the official website.

About Nrega Job Card

  1. Presently, payments to MGNREGA employees are electronically transferred to their registered bank accounts by the administration. The MGNREGA Works Payment List 2023, inclusive of employment allowances, has been published on the department’s main website.
  2. The MGNREGA Works Payment List 2023, which incorporates an employment allowance, is now available on the department’s main site as the administration electronically transfers payments to the registered bank accounts of MGNREGA employees.
  3. All MNREGA services have been digitized by the government, allowing residents to access them anytime and anywhere. The MGNREGA Works Payment List 2023, featuring an employment allowance, is posted on the department’s main site for applicants to check from the comfort of their homes.

MGNREGA Eligibility

To qualify for an NREGA Job Card, individuals must fulfill the following criteria:

  1. The applicant should hold Indian citizenship.
  2. To be eligible for an NREGA Job Card application, the individual must be a minimum of 18 years old.
  3. Individuals interested in obtaining the NREGA Job Card must express a willingness to engage in unskilled labor.

MGNREGA Documents

To apply for an NREGA Job Card, an individual needs to possess the following documents:

How to Check MGNREGA Works List 2024

To check your name on the MGNREGA Job Card List, follow these steps:

  • Navigate to the Transparency & Accountability section and choose the Job Cards option.
  • On the new page, select your state from the list of states and union territories.
  • Once selected, a new page will appear, prompting you to provide details such as financial year, district, block, and panchayat.
  • Click on “Proceed” to continue, and you will be redirected to the relevant page.
  • The page will display a list of benefiting employees. Locate your name in the list and click on your MGNREGA Job Card number.
  • Clicking on your Job Card number will reveal detailed information, including job length, fixed time, and labor provided.
  • You can then view and download your MGNREGA Job Card from this page.

MGNREGA Card Online Registration

To apply for an NREGA job card or access the MGNREGA work list, candidates must follow these simple procedures:

To apply for an NREGA job card or access the MGNREGA work list, candidates must follow these simple procedures:

  1. Visit the official MGNREGA website, where you will land on the homepage.
  2. On the homepage, under the Gram Panchayat heading, select “Data Entry.”
  3. A list of all states will be displayed on the screen. Click on the name of the state for which you want to register.
  4. After selecting the state, a new page will load, requiring you to input the following information:
  • Fiscal Year
  • District
  • Block
  • Panchayat
  • User ID
  1. After providing the necessary information, input the captcha code and click “Login.”
  2. Once logged in, a new page will appear, and you should select the “Registration & Job Card” option.
  3. You will be presented with an application form where you need to provide various details, including your address and other basic information.
  4. Click “Save” after filling out all the required information. Remember to note your registration number.
  5. The application form will prompt you to upload a picture of yourself. Capture and save your picture.
  6. Finally, use the website’s download option to obtain your NREGA job card.

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